We work very closely with our 5 UK crisping customers to understand their specific requirements, and our size and flexibility means that we can accommodate very precise requests often at very short notice. Our crisping tonnage continues to grow significantly due to our reputation for quality service, and continuous improvements in our washing and grading facilities. In 2019 we invested in a brand new QC, £150,000 upgrade to our wash line, and we have recently commissioned the build of a mobile washer to offer our growers additional options so that potatoes can go straight from farm to factory.


We work with the major seed houses to multiply seed for them each year, as well as supplying all varieties to growers across the UK. Controlling where our seed is produced means that we have far more control over it’s quality, which in turn means our growers know exactly what they are getting.


We store 11,000 tonnes of potatoes in our mix of ambient and refrigerated stores at Pocklington. We have invested heavily in our washing and grading line over the last 2 years, as well as purchasing new boxes at the start of every season. We have also invested in positive ventilation systems and Cornerstone Crop monitoring technology to ensure your potatoes are efficiently managed whilst in store.


We now have 25 units on the road, using Volvo vehicle monitoring systems to minimise fuel usage and environmental impact. This also gives us the flexibility to meet our customer’s needs if they need extra loads at short notice.


We supply UK supermarkets with ware potatoes through packers across the UK, and have recently taken on extra staff to extend our ever-increasing list of growers into South Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, the Midlands and Norfolk.

Bagged Sales

We also supply top quality bagged potatoes into the catering industry, delivering all year round to pubs, restaurants and fish & chips shops throughout Yorkshire.

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