Wolds Produce started in 2004 led by Simon Foster and Simon Tootell. Simon Foster and his family have been growing crisping, ware and seed potatoes for 3 generations near York, whilst Simon Tootell has over 35 years’ experience working in the potato industry.

In 2010 we purchased a 50,000 sq ft potato storage facility in Pocklington, and since then have invested significantly in our washing and grading operation. In 2012 we decided to focus our business on 2 key areas – supplying the crisping industry, and seed production. This specialisation means that we ensure our staff, facilities, transport and services have the needs of our crisping and seed customers as their priority. As a result our potato volumes in both markets has increased by over 30% every year as our reputation for quality and service grows.

We now deliver to 5 crisp factories, and move over 75,000 tonnes of potatoes each year.